Why the Fluff Salad Deserves a Comeback

Today, the word “salad” means something fresh—a tangle of kale with cubes of avocado and toasted bread, or a platter of sliced tomatoes strewn with torn herbs, or a bowl of juicy summer berries and sliced peaches. In general, if you’re eating a salad, you’re at least attempting to be healthy. (Never mind the bacon and ranch dressing and cubes of Cheddar in there, too…)

Just a few decades ago, this was not always the case. Salads were creamy, colorful, super sweet, and eaten with a spoon, not a fork. These chilled salads, made with ingredients such as mini marshmallows, canned fruit, gelatin, whipping cream, cottage cheese, and even soda, could stand in for dessert. Especially the fluff salad.

Watch: How to Make Lime Gelatin & Cottage Cheese Salad

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